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UNDP will be the accredited entity for Brazil's proposal to the GCF

Published: Tuesday, 17 September 2019 15:09 | Last Updated: Thursday, 03 October 2019 15:54



The Ministry of the Environment has completed the selection process for an entity to support the preparation of a proposal for REDD+ results based payments from the GCF.


The Green Climate Fund (GCF) approved in October 2017 the pilot programme for REDD+ results based payments (Decision B.14/23). The rules for the pilot programme have defined that a single country will not be able to raise more than 30% of total resources available (USD 500mi), or up to US$ 150 million.

Brazil is one of the countries that already meet the Warsaw Framework for REDD+ and is therefore eligible to access the programme. The Ministry of the Environment (MMA) is one of the Brazilian entities eligibible to receive REDD+ results-based payments, in accordance with resolution from the National REDD+ Committee (CONAREDD+). Since the submission of proposals must be made by an Accredited Entity, the MMA, through the Secretariat of Climate Change and Forests, invited the thirteen Accredited Entities to the GCF operating in Brazil to take part in the selection process.

It was a simplified process, but based on technical parameters, aiming to identify, among the entities already accredited by the Fund, or in an advanced stage of accreditation, the one that best meets the capacity and expertise requirements associated with the project concept defined by the MMA. The selection process was divided into two steps: 1. Filling in online form; and 2. Round of meetings.

The online form was designed to obtain input on the capacity and availability to operate the project on a national scale through seven criteria: 1 - Project Team; 2 - Dedicated Team; 3 - Reach within in the country; 4 - Experience in approving / implementing projects with the GCF or GEF; 5 - Performance in the execution of projects; 6 - Experience in Brazil with the theme and groups targeted by the proposal; and 7 - Experience in Brazil in the implementation of environmental projects involving the federal and state governments.

After receiving the forms and compiling the results, MMA held a round of meetings with the four top ranked Accredited Entities from the first stage. These meetings were structured into three blocks of questions: 1. Knowledge and engagement with REDD+ and the GCF pilot program; 2. Experience with project design and implementation, especially with GCF procedures; and 3. Familiarity with the target audience and scope of the proposal.

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) achieved the highest score and got selected as the most suitable Accredited Entity. MMA and UNDP are currently in the process of formalizing the partnership and drafting the Concept Note to be submitted to the GCF in response to the Call for Proposals under the REDD+ Pilot Results Payment Program.



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