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National Plan for Low Carbon Emission in Agriculture (ABC Plan)

Published: Thursday, 03 November 2016 16:14 | Last Updated: Thursday, 11 October 2018 18:47



The ABC Plan is one of the sectorial plans devised under the National Policy on Climate Change. Its overall objectives are: reducing greenhouse gas (GHGs) emissions in agriculture, improving the efficiency in the use of natural resources, increasing the resilience of production systems and rural communities and promoting adaptation to climate change in the sector. Among its specific objectives, the ones directly related to REDD+ are:


• To contribute to the achievement of the GHG emissions reduction targets set by Brazil under international climate agreements and national law;

• To encourage the adoption of Sustainable Production Systems to ensure GHG emissions reduction, while raising the income of farmers, particularly with the adoption of the following technologies: Degraded Pasture Recovery, Crop-Livestock-Forestry Integration and Agroforestry Systems, No-Till systems, Biological Nitrogen Fixation, Forestry; and

• To support efforts to reduce the role livestock farming expansion and other factors play as drivers of deforestation.



Access the executive summary of the ABC Plan.

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