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The formulation of Brazil's proposal

Published: Wednesday, 02 October 2019 10:36 | Last Updated: Wednesday, 02 October 2019 14:37


Since the launch of the GCF Pilot Program in October last year, MMA has been conducting a series of dialogues involving various actors and discussion forums. The Ministry of the Environment (MMA), as a focal point for REDD+ in Brazil, has coordinated the process for accessing available resources in the Pilot Program call, as well as making the necessary articulations. In April 2018, MMA completed a competitive process to select an entity accredited by the GCF, selecting the UNDP as the option better aligned with MMA's objectives and planning.


Since this definition, MMA and UNDP have been working in partnership to prepare the necessary documents. In July 2018, the Concept Note for the Proposal was presented, which indicates Brazil's compliance with requirements of the Warsaw Framework for REDD+ and its interest in accessing the resources. In August 2018, the Brazil's Funding Proposal was submitted, which includes, besides the description of how Brazil achieved its REDD+ results, the guidelines for the use of funds and implementation arrangements. A process of dialogue with the different stakeholders and potential beneficiaries will follow.


The dialogues will continue for the broad involvement of society and the establishment of partnerships, especially during the refining phase for the actions to be implemented.


Check out the MMA's presentation on access to the GCF's Pilot Programme (in Portuguese only)


More info:
Letter of Consent from Brazil's REDD+ Focal Point
Brazil Concept Note
Letter of Non-Objection from Designated National Authority
Funding proposal
Annexes to the Financing Proposal: Social and Environmental Assessment Report (ESA) regarding the achievement of REDD+ results; Socio-environmental management framework (ESMF) for resource use, Socio-environmental screening report (SESP)




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