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Working Group of Technical Experts on REDD+

Published: Friday, 23 September 2016 16:39 | Last Updated: Tuesday, 24 September 2019 17:08


The Working Group of Technical Experts on REDD+ (GTT REDD+, for the acronym in Portuguese) was established by the Ministry of the Environment's Ordinance No. 41/2014(Portuguese only). The group is coordinated by the Ministry of the Environment, through its Secretariat for Climate Change and Forests, and is composed of representatives from the following institutions:


  1. National Institute for Space Research - INPE;
  2. National Institute of Amazon Research - INPA;
  3. Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation - EMBRAPA;
  4. Science, Space Applications and Technology Foundation - FUNCATE;
  5. Federal University of Goias - UFG;
  6. University of Brasilia - UNB;
  7. University of São Paulo - USP; and
  8. Federal University of Minas Gerais - UFMG


The members of the GTT REDD+ are experts on topics such as forests, climate change, ecology, mapping and international negotiations under the UNFCCC. The Ministry of the Environment, as the coordinator of the GTT REDD+ may invite, on its behalf or by request from other members, other experts and representatives of government and civil society who can contribute to the discussions of the issues addressed in a particular meeting.


The GTT REDD+ is responsible for:

  1. Collecting information about results, as well as methodologies to reduce emissions from the land use, land use change and forest sector in Brazil;
  2. Reviewing the technical content to be used as the basis for Brazil's REDD+ related submissions to the UNFCCC; and
  3. Interacting with international experts and providing inputs throughout the evaluation process of Brazilian submissions.


Access the meeting documents (Portuguese only).


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