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Thematic Advisory Board on the Safeguards evaluates inputs for the SISREDD+

Published: Wednesday, 28 November 2018 17:23 | Last Updated: Wednesday, 28 November 2018 17:29

 Momento de trabalho em grupos na CCT-Salv


The 6th meeting of the Thematic Advisory Board (CCT, for the initials in Portuguese) on the Safeguards took place in July and aimed to discuss the progress of the workshops to develop indicators for the REDD+ Safeguards Information System (SISREDD+). After devoting a moment exclusively to representatives of indigenous people, traditional people and communities, traditional and familiar farmers (PIPCTAF, for the initials in Portuguese), the plenary focused on evaluating, complementing and bringing new inputs to the general balance of the second step of the regional SISREDD+’s indicators development workshops. The workshops took place from March to June in the cities of Rio Branco (State of Acre), Cuiabá (State of Mato Grosso), Belém (State of Pará) and Belo Horizonte (State of Minas Gerais).

The participants could take their questions, contribute with new ideas and evaluate the progress of the work developed so far. The group pointed some improvements to be made related to the participation of the PIPCTAF. They also emphasized that the results of the technical debate that will occur in August in Brasília should be passed to the CCT-Salv during its next meeting in September in accessible language. 

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