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Last Updated: Friday, 04 October 2019 10:34

Potencial Beneficiaries

  The National REDD+ Strategy of Brazil (ENREDD+) was approved in the end of 2015 with the overall objective to contribute to climate change mitigation by eliminating illegal deforestation, promoting conservation and restoration of forest ecosystems and fostering a low-carbon and sustainable forest economy, while delivering environmental, social and economic benefits. This will be done...

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Last Updated: 04/10/2019, 10h34

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  • 02/10/19
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The formulation of Brazil's proposal

  Since the launch of the GCF Pilot Program in October last year, MMA has been conducting a series of dialogues involving various actors and discussion forums. The Ministry of the...

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  • 02/10/19
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Forests, Deforestation and Climate Change

Forests and natural ecosystems store large amounts of carbon, both in the vegetation and in the soil. Compared to temperate forests, tropical forests are denser and undergo less significant...

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  • 03/11/16
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