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Safeguards Information System

Published: Thursday, 03 November 2016 17:48 | Last Updated: Thursday, 11 October 2018 18:30


Access the Safeguards Information System of Brazil (SISREDD+) (for now only in Portuguese)


With a goal of providing transparency throughout the implementation of REDD+ actions, decision 1/CP.16 requests developing countries to develop a system for providing information on how the safeguards are being addressed and respected. Decision 12/CP.17 complements by defining that the Safeguards Information System (SIS) should:


(a) Be consistent with the guidance identified in decision 1/CP.16;

(b) Provide transparent and consistent information that is accessible by all relevant stakeholders and updated on a regular basis;

(c) Be transparent and flexible to allow for improvements over time;

(d) Provide information on how all of the safeguards are being addressed and respected;

(e) Be country-driven and implemented at the national level;

(f) Build upon existing systems, as appropriate. 

Brazil is currently developing its Safeguards Information System, in accordance with the guidelines agreed under the UNFCCC.



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