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The Amazon Fund

Published: Thursday, 03 November 2016 16:32 | Last Updated: Tuesday, 16 October 2018 15:26


The Amazon Fund aims to raise REDD+ results-based payments to make non reimbursable investments in projects to prevent, monitor and combat deforestation and to promote conservation and sustainable use of forests in the Amazon Biome, in accordance with Decree No. 6.527/2008 (Portuguese only).


The Amazon Fund supports projects in the following areas:


   • Management of public forests and protected areas;

   • Environmental control, monitoring and enforcement;

   • Sustainable forest management;

   • Economic activities based on sustainable use of forests;

   • Ecological and economic zoning, land use planning and land tenure;

   • Conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity; and

   • Deforested areas recovery.


The Fund may use up to 20% of its resources to support the development of systems to monitor and control deforestation in other Brazilian biomes and in other tropical countries.


In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, coordinated support from the Amazon Fund in these thematic areas contribute to the achievement of significant results in the implementation of its objectives to prevent, monitor and combat deforestation and to promote conservation and sustainable use of forests in the Amazon biome.


The Amazon Fund has already received[1] USD$ 1,142,067,325.62 in results-based payments from the Norwegian Government, USD$ 68,143,672.60 from the German Government and USD$ 7,713,253.30 from Petrobras.


Brazil has bilateral agreements with the governments of Norway and Germany for REDD+ results-based payments to the Amazon Fund. The Norwegians have pledged to transfer US$600 million, while the Germans pledged to transfer EUR€ 100 million, in addition to a technical cooperation agreement signed with the latter. Both agreements are valid up to 2020.



The Amazon Fund is managed by the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES for its acronym in Portuguese), which is also in charge of fundraising, negotiating the results-based payments agreements and monitoring the supported projects and actions.


The Amazon Fund has a Guidance Committee (COFA for its acronym in Portuguese), responsible for setting investment guidelines and monitoring the results obtained; and a Technical Committee (CTFA for the acronym in Portuguese), appointed by the Ministry of the Environment, whose role is to certify the emission reductions from deforestation in the Amazon.



Click here for more information about the Amazon Fund.



[1] Payments received up to September, 2018.

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