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Fundraising for REDD+ Results-Based Payments

Published: Thursday, 03 November 2016 16:34 | Last Updated: Tuesday, 16 October 2018 15:03


The Decree No. 8.576/2015 established the National REDD+ Committee and determined that the Committee will be responsible for coordinating the process to establish the requirements for entities willing to fundraise for REDD+ results-based payments based in Brazil and it is also responsible for setting the guidelines, rules and criteria for:


a) The eligibility of entities to access REDD+ results-based payments achieved by Brazil and recognized by the UNFCCC; and


b) REDD+ results-based payments fundraising, by eligible entities.


The Committee operates with support from its Executive Secretariat, of which the Ministry of the Environment is in charge, and the Thematic Advisory Board on Fundraising and Distribution of Non Reimbursable Resources to assist it in these definitions. The coordinated work of these bodies should also produce a REDD+ results-based payments fundraising strategy.


The Executive Secretariat of the Committee has the responsibility of producing the technical documents on the requirements to access REDD+ results-based payments, proposing the annual limits for fundraising, based on the achieved REDD+ results, and a minimum value per ton of CO2 equivalent to the National REDD+ Committee, in addition to issuing certificates in recognition of REDD+ results-based payments received by Brazil.


The Thematic Advisory Board on Fundraising and Distribution of Non Reimbursable Resources is composed of representatives and experts from civil society and public and private entities. This Thematic Advisory Board supports the National REDD+ Committee's decision making process regarding the definition of guidelines, rules and criteria and other issues related to REDD+ results-based payments fundraising. It also covers issues related to distribution of benefits, associated with the investment of results-based payment funds.



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